The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Web Host Move

I sent an email out today to participants already signed up in the project, but also wanted to post on the site.

I am in the process of moving the web host for the Devon Ellington Work site. The 13 Traveling Journals addresses are tied to that site, so, until the move is complete, those addresses are down.

If you need to reach me during the next few weeks, please email me here. Please put "13 Journals" or "13 Entries" in the Subject line.

I will send out another email and post on this site when the DE addresses are working again.

That does not affect THIS site. This link is independent of the website, and therefore will remain intact.

Only correspondence addresses are affected.

This site has been quiet for the past weeks, and I apologize. We will liven up again soon, with both more entries and more press coverage.

Thanks to all the participants, and stay in touch via this site!


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