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Monday, September 19, 2005

Journal Entry #1 From Rhythmic World Bridger

Rhythmic World Bridger sends us entries from the past month’s travels in the UK. Here’s the first one:

Magnetic 1, Seed 13, 2005

I¹m going to tell you about the 13 Moon Calendar now, so you will be less confused by the system I use to orient myself in time. Today is the first day of the Cosmic Seed Year, the new year¹s day of the 13 Moon Dreamspell Calendar. The first moon is called the Magnetic Moon and the first day is Dali 1.

There are 28 days in each moon, and 13 moons in every year, with One Day-Out-Of-Time as a gap between the old year and the new year. I started using this calendar in 1995 and have completely replaced the Gregorian calendar with the 13 Moon calendar for all practical purposes.

Today corresponds to July 26, 2005. The rest you can figure out for yourself.

I received the journal today, so the timing is perfect. New journal, new year, Cosmic Seed!

The significance of Cosmic Seed is that it indicates a year of transcendence. Seed symbolizes the power of planting and 13 is the tone (or frequency) that symbolizes magic flight. Imagine planting a seed in the imaginal world... where might that take you? And for that matter, where might this journal go?

I¹m going to warn you now that my journal entries will be comprised not only of the physical events of the 28 days of the Magnetic Moon, but also my dreams and imaginal wanderings.

Notice I did not say, my imagination. I said imaginal wanderings.

It is my experience that there are worlds beyond the physical that I am capable of entering and exploring. Sometimes I do this when I am sleeping and sometimes I do this by entering a state of contemplative relaxation. Most people think that the imagination is something that we use to think up stuff, which is correct -- on that level -- but our imagination can also act as a gateway to the imaginal worlds.

The imaginal worlds are virtually limitless (the only reason I put in a qualifier is because I don¹t know for certain) and one of the first things you learn is that all of the limitations are self-imposed. It¹s a little like the dilemma of wandering into the biggest mall in the world where everything is free, what would you choose to do first?

So I¹m going to try to describe everything that I find interesting over the next 28 days, both on and off earth. I hope you will find my travels interesting too.


  • Hi Devon!
    I did not fall off the face of the earth or moon. I've been very busy out of blogland in the artistic and writing areas. Yes, I'm very interested in your journey and this new arena. I breezed in via Colin's site. :)

    This is a fantastic title for poems! I have been checking my email, but didn't see any announcement of this. Please add my email back to your list of such writing and artwork ideas, but put something in the title so that I know it's from you, not spam.

    Ironically, I wrote a paper on Circadian rhythyms for psychobiology in graduate school. I also chose the pen name "SilverMoon" for the other blog I started shortly after we "met."

    This is exciting. I'd love to participate but will need to check the restrictions you mentioned as well as my overpacked calendar for writing and artwork deadlines I am already committed to. I don't illustrate many of my poems on my blog, but I do in real life, either with original artwork or photography of mine. I"m a full-time arist and part-time writer.

    At any rate, I love Haloween and autumn. I look forward to reading here in the future and have bookmarked your new site. Thank you for bearing with me as to how busy I've been. It should slow down personally for we settled on daughter in at art school. Professionally, well that schedule would make anyone's head spin. I like to be active, though. Take care!
    SilverMoon (aka Green-Eyed Lady)
    I can't post the site URL that has my poetry and more prose on this blog so here it is: (not blogspot). There are categories on that site clearly marked.

    (The site this comment links you to has been temporarily restored. All of my paintings, photography, writings, and comments are backed up, but not showing. My husband and I are reworking the html mistake I made. ALso, I'm in the midst of deciding whether to "go for it" and post my professional art/writing business website and link it to one blog. Decisions.... lol!

    By Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL), at 9:07 AM, September 20, 2005  

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