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Friday, August 12, 2005

Featured Diarist: patgalca

Patgalca, one of our diarists for Thought Waves, has a few words for us:

1. What draws you to writing in a diary?

Sometimes it is therapy for me. If I am sad or angry, it helps to get my thoughts down in writing. It's kind of a release. I also like to keep an account of what's going on in life to look back on later or for future generations.

2. Are you a life-long diarist or is it something that came along in

I took Creative Writing in Grade 10 in high school. Keeping a journal was a must for the course. I started then and haven't stopped. Well, perhaps I did stop for awhile because of time (raising a child on my own and working). Kind of wish I had those years written down now.

3. Do you read published journals and diariest? If so, which are your

No, not really. Does Bridget Jones' Diary count? LOL!

4. How do you think journals can enhance or impact readers’ understanding
of history?

I think if my children were to read what I went through as a teenager or young adult, it might help them to understand some things are a part of life or, boy she had it worse than me. LOL!

5. What other interests and activities that you enjoy will you share with

Writing and reading are my top interests. I used to bowl but had to stop when I became ill. If I could I would start again.

Thank you, patgalca!

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