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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Featured Diarist: Brooke Sikula

Brooke Sikula, one of our diarists for Tranquility Taverna, spends some time with us today:

1. How did a year in Madrid change your perspective on life?

How didn’t a year in Madrid change my perspective on life? Living abroad for a year gave me a much broader perspective on the world. Through my travels to Madrid and elsewhere, I think I’ve been able to burst the American bubble we all grow up in. More importantly, I learned a great deal about myself and [I think] I have become a more understanding person by learning and living immersed in a very unique culture.

2. Did you study a specific period of history, or was it a more general overview? Do you have one particular period that draws you the most strongly?

Due to spending my last year of college in Spain, I focused a lot on Spanish history. This was purely circumstantial – my true love is modern history from the 1900’s to present day. Two topics of particular interest to me in college were the genocide in Rwanda and the Spanish press during Franco’s regime. I think my interest in history has also nurtured my interest in politics because of the direct correlation to modern day history.

3. What is the hardest aspect of writing an SEO article?

The hardest part of writing any type of article or piece is to edit my own work. I find I really have to sit down and focus on correcting and fixing errors instead of becoming emotionally attached to my original words. The good news is that editing becomes easier for me with every project I do.

4. Has writing about parenting changed your perspective on both writing and parenting, and, if so, how?

I don’t think I’ve written enough about parenting to change my perspective on writing or parenting. The true challenge is to change my website so it’s up to date enough to reflect more current projects and interests! However, I will say that being a parent has changed my perspective on the importance of parenting. I began freelance writing so I could stay at home with my son. I can’t imagine having to send him to daycare and know that I am blessed with the ability and fortitude to be able to run my own home based business.

5. If you could take one fully funded year off, what would you do?

This is a topic of discussion from time to time in my household. My husband and I want to travel to Asia, probably China, and live for about 10 months or so either with or in close contact to a native Chinese family. After that we would spend the last two months sightseeing in countries we’d like to visit. This would probably include Australia, Thailand, Eastern Europe, Japan and Russia.

Thank you, Brooke!

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