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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Featured Diarist: Brenda Williamson

Brenda generously shares her views and opinions with us:

1. Your book, Indigo Winds, will be published in 2006 as part of The Seven Deadly Sins and Virtues series. Would you talk a bit about the project, the authors, your interaction? Are all your characters within a specific world? How does that work?

The project was created by the publisher of eXtasy Books. It's a series containing 14 books, one each of 7 sins, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth, & pride. And then there is the 7 virtues; humility, kindness, abstinence, chastity, patience, liberality, & diligence.

I'd list the authors, but sometimes things change so until the series is completed I can't give the names yet. Since each book is loosely based on the theme, there is no necessary interaction between the writers, but we all talk about our work on the publishers private authors loop. Everyone’s story is of their choosing and can be as varied as a ghost romance, to a vampire, to something like mine, a pirate tale.

2. What was the inspiration for Dangerous Desires, your serialized vampire romance?

No inspiration, just a plan to write a historical with a vampire. I write by the seat of my pants so I've no clue as to how a story will go from start to finish. As for Dangerous Desires, it was completed for a full length novel which needed editing so decided to adapt it for Keep It Coming.

3. Why do you think Gothic romances still hold so much appeal?

Because everyone likes mystery. Gothics use to be Victorian and more ghostly. Today's gothics can be contemporary, have fantasy, and werewolves. But what makes them likable is the often dark, eeriness in them.

4. How does your blog help define your work, if at all?

My blog is a start of something, but I haven't figured that one out as of yet.

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