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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Featured Diarist: Angela Giles Klocke

Angela Giles Klocke, one of the Thought Waves diarists, kindly granted us this mini-interview:

1. You do a lot of work with teens (Bartow Teen Connection, One YoungParent). What drew you to this and how did it become part of yourlife’s path?

I am a former teen mom, so I know how it feels to be so alone at sucha trying time. When no one understands how you feel and what you're going through, it just makes everything that much harder. I knew whenI could reach a good place in my life, I would start something to help those in my old shoes. Working with teens is the best, in my opinion. It's HARD to be a teen, frankly...caught between childhood and adulthood. And the issues flying at teens these days...scary. But I relate so well, it just makes sense, even if I'm 11 years past that time in my own life. I have a teen son, as well. There's a fine balance between being ateen's friend and being the adult, but so far, I've been doing OK, and my work just grows and gets better. I look forward to it each day.

2. Would you talk a bit about blogging for charity?

Blogathon is a 24-hour blogging event to raise money for each blogger's charity of choice. I chose a local group, the fosterchildren of Bartow County, as my charity this year, and I hope to raise more money than last year. I'll be writing for 24 hours, beginning August 6 at 9 a.m. eastern, and people can sponsor me for flat donations. All monies pledged are sent directly to the Bartow County Foster Care Silent Santa program, never to me.

3. You mentioned that you collect and adore cow-themed items. What are some of your favorites? What are some of your most unusual?

My favorite cow items are my soft cuddlies and a Mary Moo teacher knick-knack an online friend sent me once. The most unusual cow I have is probably one that, well, kind of poops jelly beans. It was a gag gift from another friend, but it's so funny. And ick. So ick it'sfunny!

4. What are some of your ideas on ways people can make a positive impact in their communities and surroundings?

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! Open your paper. Someone needs you. Schools need adult mentors. Shelters need mentors. I currently mentor at the children's shelter. It's an awesome experience. I also volunteer, of course, with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task Force and Teen Leadership Team, and the work we've done has been wonderful. You don't try to save the world; you simply try to help one at a time.

5. On a down day, what is your favorite re-motivator?

I've reached a point where I allow myself the chance to feel down without guilt. As long as I don't stay down for too long. To re-motivate myself, I get active. It's easy to sit and wallow. But getting active when you're down is very hard, yet it's the thing to doto get going. And by active, I mean, get to the shelter to mentor, o rcall a friend to encourage her, or spend time with my family.

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