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Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day and Diary Cozies

Happy Independence Day to all of us who celebrate it!

May we always think independently and act independently with humanity and compassion to make the world a better place.

Journal #1 – Thought Waves
Diarists on the show wrote their entries and pasted their photos over the past few days. I hope to get Thought Waves in the mail by the end of the week.

I drove to the fabric store this morning to find the fabric for the journals’ travel packs. Of course, what I ended up with was quite different than I’d originally envisioned, but it feels right. It’s a kind of a muted green, a simple cotton (we want to keep those mailing costs down) and quite lovely. I bought what was left on the bolt, although I doubt I’ll need it all for the covers (friends at the show have nicknamed them “diary cozies” as in “tea cozy”).

I wanted something simple without being too cute or too busy. I couldn’t find either the trim or the buttons I wanted, but that’s what NYC’s garment district is for, right? So I’ll go in to work early tomorrow and hit my favorite trim and button shops.

I also will go through my own button stash – I might even have exactly what we need.

Links to the left have been updated, and I’m coming up with questions for the “Featured Diarist” section.

As people sign up for journals, it’s interesting to see how responsive they are to titles!

Have a lovely day!



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