The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The First Journals Begin Their Journeys

Thought Waves, Fronds of Thought, and Tranquility Taverna were mailed from my hometown New York post office this morning. They are on their way!

The diarists immediately receiving them have been notified, as well as the people just after them on the list.

The books should take about a week to reach their destinations, and then the diarists have up to a month to work with them before sending them on.

Iā€™m very excited, but I was surprised at how hard it was to actually let them go. And yet, I know it is a joyous project and a way for many of us to connect, and letting go is part of the journey.

Have a good trip, journals!

A positive side note: The people working in the post office were interested in the project ā€“ they asked about it, and I gave them the info for the site and promised to keep them up-to-date on the progress. I thought that was very sweet of them ā€“ and a positive sign!

And, diarists, please feel free to keep us up to date on the progress, share entries, etc.!



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