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Monday, July 25, 2005

Featured Diarist: Sharron

Sharron, who is one of the diarists for Thought Waves, was kind enough to answer a few questions.

1. The photos on your website for your Bed and Breakfast are beautiful. What made you decide to run a bed and breakfast, and what made you choose the area you chose?

Thank you! Our first Bed and Breakfast experience was when we were in Mendocino, California over 20 years ago. We stayed in a beautiful character home there and loved it. We talked often after that great experience about how much fun it would be to run a bed and breakfast one day. Finally the opportunity arrived after a young friend of ours asked if she could help us fix up our workshop and then rent it from us. She helped insulate and add on a bathroom and then to her surprise and ours, a man entered her life and she no longer needed to rent our little cabin. So we proceeded to finish it and set it up as a Bed and Breakfast. We chose our acreage over thirty years ago, dreaming the self sufficiency dream of the seventies, so a bed and breakfast just fit in as yet another way to stay home and make a living. Nothing is more satisfying then having a dream and making it come true.

2. Running a B&B is time-consuming, not to mention all the wonderful guardianship you obviously do with your property. Yet you write poetry and your husband paints. How do you keep it all in balance?

Balance, what's balance? ;-) Neither of us are very balanced so our lifestyle fits in fine with our philosophy and outlook on life: Do the best with what you have and share it with others when you can. Keeping up the garden and yard gives us pleasure but there is even more incentive to keep it up when we can share it with others. We are basically lazy gardeners, weeds and dandelions are just as beautiful to us as planted flowers and we do not use chemicals on our land so bugs and slugs are welcome too. Not to mention nibbling deer and marauding squirrels.

We both seem to go through phases of creativity and then phases of being lazy and just maintaining until another wave hits and off we go, writing, painting, taking photographs, crocheting pretty and useful things, making jam and jelly, renovating our house or making new trails through our woods. We love where we are and what we do so there is always something to be immersed in. I guess that is one quirk of both our natures, we feel we are playing in the woods or garden rather than working. We perceive serving our guests as a gift of something valuable we have to give, rather than work. We believe each person who finds us and visits us is part of our life for a day or two and we enjoy watching the tight lines on their faces relax and the smiles loosen up as they breath our clean air and unwind under our care.

3. If there was one thing you could change about your life now, what would it be?

My husband says, high speed internet, which isn't available to us yet. ;-)
We really do love our life right now. My daughters are grown and in happy relationships; our six grandchildren are great fun to have visit and watch grow and learn from. Sometimes we get the urge to head further into the bush as development gets closer to us, but then again we think we'll stay here till we die. I guess change will happen and we'll change with it but for now, we are content.

4. If there was one thing you could change about the world now, what would it be?

Now that is another story. Our world, as in nature, is the most beautiful place I could imagine and yet we who live here take it for granted and abuse what has been given to us to enjoy. If I had the power to change anything other than myself, I would open the eyes of every person in North America so that what they look at daily would be filtered through the eyes of someone who has never seen what we take for granted. I would pour wonder into them again and gratitude and I would figure out a way we who have so much could share it with those who have so little. I would pick up and hug every unloved and uncared for child and hand them to someone with empty arms desperate to hold the heart of a child. I would find a way to stop wanton waste when so many are in need. I would pray for those who have so much and are yet so unhappy and I would put an end to greediness and hatred. Oops, I see you said 'one thing' ! There is so much that needs to be changed in our world, but all I can do is change myself and I work on that every day of my life. I ask myself why I think I need another pair of shoes when I can only wear one pair at a time, why do I think I deserve more food than I need three times a day, what can I give to someone else today that would make their day better, that's all I have the power to do.

5. Where do you go on vacation (if you ever actually get one)?

Our life is a vacation. We live where people pay to come. We don't really feel like we have to vacate our life in order to appreciate it when we get back. BUT - we have a dream - which we hope to make come true next year. We want to drive across Canada, see our country from coast to coast. We want to see and experience Canada and we have come to realize if we are ever going to do it, we need to do it now. So that will be our adventure. I guess it will be our vacation. But we aren't vacating so much as expanding our life. We do take time off from play to explore our coast by kayak whenever the weather is suitable. Ken takes photos on our excursions to use as subjects to paint or make cards from.

Thank you Sharron!

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