The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Welcome to Participants!

Links to be updated to the right, as all the paperwork comes through. If you signed up, but don’t see your info, it’s because I don’t have both the letter of agreement and the contact info, stating the way you wish to be referred to on the site! I may have one or the other – as soon as I have both, I’ll add your links!

Originally, I was going to try to keep the links in alphabetical order, but I think that will end up being a raging bear to administrate, so I’m just linking them as everything comes through.

Thanks for your interest!

Thought Waves (Journal #1) is making the rounds backstage. In between shows, we had a photo shoot with one of our contributors, the fabulous Chelsea. Photos posted soon, and, perhaps, an excerpt from her entry.

I hope to the material to stitch the traveling cases next week. I’d like to send out the first journals toward the end of next week – just after the moon turns to new – instead of waiting until the full moon.

Let’s get these journals out on the road!

Thanks to everyone for your interest!



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