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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The First Journals and The Letter of Agreement

I sent out the Letter of Agreement to those signed up. It sets out the expectations of the projects, and, also, the limitations. In order to protect myself from potential lawsuits, I had to add a paragraph or two that I would rather have not. But, I can’t put myself in a position where someone decides I’ve violated the law in the name of free expression (and, since the project is world-wide, the First Amendment only pertains to the US). So I had to put it in. It will be interesting to see if anyone drops out of the project because of it.

The photo shoot went well yesterday afternoon, but I still don’t have exactly what I want for the logo. I did make up simple business cards that will serve the purpose until the “perfect” logo is created.

As soon as the Letters of Agreement are returned, I can ask people to choose which Journal they want. Also, once the Letters are returned, I will add participants’ links to the side bar.

The Journals currently available are:

Journal #1 – Thought Waves
It is a basic 6 x 9 hardcover book, with a cover of retro waves in fuchsia, lime green, blue, red, and gray that reminds me of waves.
This book will start on the Broadway show on which I’m working this week. People at the show are quite excited about it.

Journal #2 – Fronds of Thought
This is a wire-bound journal. It has a black cover with a cut-out of a palm tree. The pages are a deep green, unlined.
This journal will start in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Colin Galbraith. You can visit his website here.

Journal #3 – Tranquility Taverna
This is another hard-backed journal, in beautiful shades of green, with Chinese characters for Tranquility, Clarity and Harmony on it.
The journal will start in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Journal #4 –
I’ve asked our Starting Diarist a few questions about the type of book that will best suit his purposes – it will travel with him to the UK in August. As soon as I’ve got more information, I will post it.

Thanks so much to all of the interested participants! Your enthusiasm and joy for the project is wonderful!


Interested in participating? Click here.


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