The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project

Monday, June 27, 2005

Choosing Journals

I constantly see interesting and inspiring books – but who knew that the search for specific books for this project would get so involved? I hiked about quite a bit on Friday in search of just the right books.

Several times I spent as much as a half hour carting a volume around, but . . .it just didn’t feel right.

I finally purchased three volumes that “spoke” to me. They now have names, and, over the next couple of weeks, I will build them cloth traveling cases. Don’t worry – it will be a lightweight fabric so as not to drive up the postage costs! :)

The first recipients of the three primary volumes are all set, and a fourth person contacted me with a good idea and agreed to be a first recipient, so four volumes will go out in mid-July.

I will have a photo shoot today and/or tomorrow for the first three books. At best, I will figure out how to post the photos – at worst, I will at least put up verbal descriptions, so that those who have signed up can pick which one they’d like to receive (at least for now). On Wednesday, I have a photo shoot scheduled with one of the primary entrants here in New York – I’ll explain after the fact – it’s pretty funny!

Thank you to everyone who’s shown interest. I’m sending out contact forms as quickly as I can. The letter of agreement will go out in the next day or two.

I will have photos, a logo, etc. shortly, which I will post here.

And then we can start filling up the lists.

My two original concerns for the project seem to be moot points right now, and I hope they will stay that way. As a friend of mine suggested, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Stay tuned for more info.



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